Cooking with Orietta



“Good food and good wine are paradise on earth”
Henri IV


Taking us back to the classic dishes of Orietta Schiaffino’s childhood and cooking with his mother. Create hearty, wholesome dishes for the family, with strong links to the kitchen garden!


Health and nutrition is not only about the food you choose to eat. How you cook and combine ingredients will impact the nutritional value and healing properties of food, as well as its taste and appearance. Inspire your own healthy cooking with guidance from culinary nutrition-graduated Chef Orietta Schiaffino and the cookery school team. Create delicious dishes which boost your well-being and nourish your body, supporting the key aspects of health driven by ethical, environmental and seasonal values, whenever possible.

On request and for minimum 4 people, every Wednesday from 10am-1pm we hold hands-on fun-filled classes in Ligurian cooking, followed by lunch in a friendly atmosphere for you to sample your creations.

Lessons can be held in Italian, English, French and German.

We look forward to creating exceptional food with you!